So I realised (after looking at Linda’s blog) that I havent posted anything about my scrapping!

About 4 years ago a good friend of mine, Justine, was on mat leave from work. SHe came in one day and asked if I wanted to go to an album party.
“Oh ok, albums huh?” Thinking MUSIC albums…..
But she set me straight by telling me it costs $10 and to bring 6-8 photos.
Ooohhhh a PHOTO album party! DER!

It all snowballed from there.

I had never been particularly creative at school so I really dont know why it appealed to me that much….

So I have countless photos in countless albums and I remember almost every single layout I have done. I love my albums and I hope my kids will appreciate them too and their kids and so forth.

I am lucky to be on two design teams for online shops.
The first is This is a great community. I love it there and you will see there everyday!
The second one is This is also a great site. I am there everyday aswell……

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