Beth needs…..

I was over bloggin’ at Roz’s and she posted about her “needs”. For a laugh and a bit of fun – go to google and type in “Your name” and “needs” and see what the top 5 things are that you really need……

1. Beth needs a considerable raise in salary.

2. Beth needs to blow off steam.

3. Beth needs to set aside money for taxes.

4. Beth needs follow-up surgeries.

5. Beth needs your vote at

Actallary my mandatory 4% rise comes in the next pay – woohoo!!!!! So #1 is fullfilled.
#2 – Easy done…… lol!!!!!
#3 – Hmmmm I should really look at doing my tax for the 04/05 financial year…
#4 – Ummmmm not quite sure about this one…….
#5 – UGH! Is there anything worse than sport…… I mean seriously!!!!!

This is a heap of fun! About the 7th one on the list was another Beth and it was her blog where she did this too – pretty cool!!!!!

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