Optimism vs. Cynicism

I am an optimist! I truely am!
Thats why when I saw a link to this site I thought it might be funny….. and sure enough…..

Some few favourites:

Online Offlife.

Team Player The type of cooperative, self-effacing employee beloved by corporations that promote egotists to the top positions.

Education The long and difficult process by which a young person comes to detest books.

Patriot One who believes passionately that his own nation is the greatest because it is his, and that all other nations are inferior because they aren’t. Also Patriotism: The root cause of parades, wars and billowing clouds of rhetoric.

Freedom 1. In the U.S., the sacred right to speak and act according to one’s conscience, except when dealing with sensitive special-interest groups or militant Republican administrations. 2. What the U.S. frequently exports to developing nations, by force if necessary.

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