Thankyou Betty

Kate usually doesn’t eat dinner. It frustrates me to no end! I myself was getting bored with the meat and 3 veg thing too and subsequently we had been having a lot of ‘throw in the oven’ things. So I decided to turn to my old friend Google and do a search for dinner recipies and he found Betty. Betty Crocker. My new saviour.

It has a recipie box that stores your favourite ones. I printed 2 off and headed for the shops. Armed with the Pasta Primavera and Lemon Basil Chicken and Vegetable recipies I picked up the necessary ingredients.

I made the pasta.
Kate ate all her dinner and wanted it for tonights dinner too.
I love you Betty!!!!!

I have some other good news, no I am not pregnant, but will tell you all as soon as I am allowed! 😉

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