The Wedding

Well it is a long story……
But lucky for you I will abbreviate it! LOL!

Hairdresser was late which was ok since she didnt know she had an appointment at all the day before! She tried to give me an 80’s hairstyle. I was so close to tears it wasn’t funny! Lucky Felicity came to my rescue and got her to change it! But fair dinkum she teased my hair so much that I thought I was going to have to CUT it out!!! Anyway it ended up looking ok but a little messy from all the teasing.

The makeup lady cancelled my appointment because I forgot the trial appointment. Oh well she made room for us and I have to admit she did a great job!

Flowers were just stunning – once I found the florist! I was so close to tears at this point but seeing those gorgeous flowers put me at ease – a little.

Got back to the cabin to dress at like 10.35 – ummm the wedding was supposed to start AT 10.30! Anyway we throw on our clothes and go!!!

We get to the wedding about 20 minutes late. As soon as I got there I burst into tears! I am just putting that down to stress though! But I quickly got over it and then the wedding commenced.

It was truely beautiful and I am very happy to now be an old maid!

The only thing I am dissapointed with is that a friend was supposed to bring his video camera and he didnt, I would have taken mine otherwise, so I only have photos. Oh well…. I guess I wouldnt have really watched it anyway….. *sigh*

And since you were so good reading all that…… here’s a photo of the newlyweds……

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