I dressed the kids this morning for their Santa photo in matching clothes. ROFLOL!!! It was the second time I had ever done this! The first was when I dressed them in the same outfit to have their hospital photo taken at birth. Anyway, they looked so cute I really wanted to take some photos but the outside sun was too harsh. I went to lock the glass sliding doors and thought heeeeyyyyy, perfect natural light! So I got out a sheet and snapped away. Not many of Luke though as he likes to see the picture on the back of the camera so will not sit still. But this is what happens when you say “Lukie, give Katie a cuddle.”

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Now the Santa photo, well we take the kids to a really popular Santa, I think he is sop popular because he looks so REAL! Walking in I though that we would have to wait at least 30 minutes. How wrong was I. We walked straight up to the desk – I was expecting to be told that he was going to lunch – as there was no one else waiting.

Kate walked straight up and sat on Santas knee and the lady thought Luke may have been a problem – me too – but no, Luke walked straight over to the sled and I placed him on Santas knee. They both smiled and only TWO photos later, we were done! I can’t wait to pick the photos up, and the best part is, for $5 you can get the photo on a CD. Sweet.

Now I sit here sorting out Prima flowers for a Boxx swap and me being the anal person I am is making sure everyone gets the same amount of each colour. Why oh why do I have to be so pedantic – except where housework is concerned! LOL!

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