It was definately the kids driving me crazy because this morning I woke up in a good mood. It soon dissipated when I was on the loo and I heard a crash. Yes my darling son Luke decided he wanted to “see” mummys brand spanking new, not even a week old sewing machine. He wanted to so much so that he pulled it off the kitchen table! So now my poor machine has some scratches on it but it is all ok. Phew.

So I have been tagged by Rachie! Thanks Rachie! I have to say that these were actually fun questions and I have had fun reading other peoples answers! SO here I go……

Never in my life: did I think I could make such close friends through the internet.

When I was five: I used to make peg roads and lego buildings that went all through the house.

High School is: a something I wish I could turn back time on and do it all again – but differently. I now realise that my time at school should have been something I cherished – especially the friendships.

I once met: Kim Beazley – it went like this – I was walking up some moountaing at the rear of The War Memorial in Canberra and he was walking down it – “hi” and nods “hi” and nods back, Beth turns around “heeeeeey arent you Kim….” “why yes I am” “Wow! Great to meet you” “its nice to meet you too” and we turn aound and continue our walk. Kicking myself I didnt tell him I voted for him!

There’s this girl: at work who I will be in 20 years. We are so alike is isnt funny! But I am comforted by this as she is a great lady!

Once, at a bar: I was never one to go to bars/pubs so I have a boring story from my 18th – my BIL and I had a race to see who could drink their drink the quickest – I won because he tricked me and wasnt really drinking – needless to say I threw up not long after that!

Last night: I sleep on the spare cot matress on the floor in DD’s room – no me and DH didnt have a fight – he slept in DD’s bed – all because DD and her cousin (my neice) claimed our bed!

When I turn my head left, I see: The backyard as I have the garage door still up.

When I turn my head right, I see: The lawn mower, whipper snipper and a trampoline waiting to be assembled in the messy garage.

A better name for me would be: Well considering I legally changed my name just over a year ago, I think I will keep it Beth thanks! LOL!

I have a hard time understanding: Racism.

You know I like you if: There are not very many people I dont like, so if I dont ignore you, I like you! 🙂

Take my advice: Be happy with who you are and where you are in life. The grass is NOT greener. In fact it is more than likely browner.

My ideal breakfast is: Sausage and Egg McMuffin with a hash brown stuffed on it aswell and a coke to wash it down!

If you spend the night at my house: Please get your own drinks as I always forget to ask if you would like one!!!

I always make it a point to: Kiss the kids goodnight and tell them I love them.

And by the way: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!

Ok so who am I going to tag???? Hmmm…… I choose……. MOI!!!!! Have fun Moi!!!!!!

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