Not much happening today…..
Was going to go to the park but its supposed to hit 35c today so I wont inflict that on the kids! Will probably just fill up the clam pool and have a splash around!

But right now Kate and I are writing out Christmas cards – I have got Kate to draw a picture on the inside of each card. She is having fun and they look good too – in a 5 year old way! LOL!

Have to go up to shop later and get stuff for dinner – tonight we are going to have Beef Margarita but I think I may use mince and kidney beans instead of beef strips.

I never ended up scrapping last night… I find AED paper a little hard to use to be honest – it is so busy but I am sure I will come up with something….

Oh oh oh postie just left me a nice surprise – the new SM Masters book!!!

Ok better be off as “mu-uuum” is getting a little distracting! LOL!!!

Opps – forgot to add that I have a new Flicker! Thanks Linda for pointing yours out!!! Very cool!!!

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