WOW! What a hot day today!!! 32.5c!!! So we got ready early and went to the park – today it was Western Sydney Regional Park. The kids really enjoy it there! There is a flying fox that Kate has been too scared to go on but after Luke went on it first, Kate decided that she was game enough – and sure enough – she loved it! So we stayed about 1 1/2 hours when I called it quits because it was just too hot (and a little girl tried to beat Luke up!)

Stopped in at the shop on the way home. Luke can’t help himself – he has to touch everything! Drives me crazy!

Then home for Luke to sleep and me and Kate to relax in the coolness of the aircon! So I read a bit more of my book and Kate flicked through a horse magazine as she is addicted to horses!

Then we had a miniskip delivered – so Steve got out there in the heat to fill it up. I told him it could wait but nup – he had to do it in the heat! Men….
Then we did a once over of the house as we have a rental inspection tomorrow – one thing I wont miss when we buy our own house! (Which by the way we have decided to in 6-9 months! I wont get cold feet this time!)

SO now it is time to do my DT layout…. just printing the photo now….. hey mojo…. come out come out wherever you are!!!!!!!!!!

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