FK Book

SO I get home on wednesday and Kate collects the mail. She dumps it in the middle of the loungeroom floor and starts to open it all. Thats ok as she loves to open mail. Then she goes and gets the scissors and starts to cut up the envelopes. No worries as she loves to create things.

I go and get dinner reading and I walk past and I see this piece of paper – one of those TFN declaration forms and I think “sweet – the copies from SM have been really bad lately so I will get some copies done”. Still not even thinking about why I have it.

I look down and see a Neutrimetics letter and assumed it came with that.

THEN I notice under a pile of envelopes I see a couple of pieces of paper. Hmmm whats this I wonder. (Nothing still registering!)

Read the letter and wonder what on earth it means.
Re-read the letter and still wonder what it means.
Then I notice “splash” written on it.

It hits me – FK want to publish my Splash layout in the Awards of Excellence Book!

*dancing follows*

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