Rachie’s Challenge

So Rach has set a challenge to all in blogland.

The challenge is …………..a blog entry a day!

So this is todays entry:
On Thursday I applied for a new position at work. I am the only person who has applied (or so I have been told!) but this does not guarentee I get the job. I have spoken to the Regional Manager who said I “had the ability to do it”.
Con: full time and extra pressure on sales.
Pro: More money.
Will keep you all updated!

I worked this morning. Only 4 hours and it went fast so that was good!
Afterwards Kate, Luke and I went to a birthday party for one of Kate’s friends, Jordan. He turned 5 today. Spent 5 hours there! The time just flew! The kids enjoyed themselves and are now asleep!

Was going to scrap tonight but have a headache and general ‘can’t be bothered’ attitude…. I think I should just go to bed! I got the new FK mag so I might go read it and then go to sleep.

I ordered a US CK subscription last night. I checked the 13 issue subscription but when it flicked onto the second page it (NOT me!) changed to the 26 month sub!!! I didn’t notice as I was just confirming billing address and then went it went to the confirmed page I noticed the change! I thought ‘I didnt click on that!’ So I used back in the browser and sure enough – it WASNT me!!! Oh well….. at least I dont have to buy another CK for 2 years…. LOL!!!!!!!!!

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