Jeepers – I set a challenge and then go MIA for a week! Sorry about that….
Nothing much has been happening here. Kylie came over on the weekend and we stayed up too late and then went scrap shopping the next day! FUN!

So as far as my challenge goes… I havent been taking pics – its so much harder than I thought! So I think I will revise the T&Cs to ONE PHOTO PER WEEK! Now that should be easier for us all! LOL!

<—-So I took this photo of Luke this morning. He was NOT being very cooperative and this is the only photo that turned out ok! LOL! He just cant sit still that boy! But he is cute so that makes up for it all I guess! LOL! I finished another wedding layout last night. Very happy with it too. I am too scared to do these layouts as I dont want to ruin them, you know. Oh well so far so good I guess…..

I started a challenge on Scrapboxx today – to scrap 10 layouts before you go scrap shopping again. I need to do this as I shop far too much! So this way I can save my money and then have a bit of a splurge. Funny though – not many people have risen to the challenge….. lol!

So thats about all from me today. Off to cruise blogs and scrap! Take it easy everyone!!!

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