23.01 – Big post today!

So yesterday we went to the city as DH wanted to go to Hobby Co. So we drove in and parked at Darling Harbour and caught the monorail to the City Centre stop. We thought we would check out Centrepoint Tower. We went up and then when we saw it would cost us $59 we thought ‘maybe when the kids are older and appreciate the view’. So we left there and found the hobby shop. The first thing DH pointed out was a pair of scissors exactly like my old ones that broke a couple of weeks ago – so of course I bought myself a pair! Steve got a remote control park aeroplane which he is super excited about! LOL! Kate got some horse toys – of course – and Luke got a toy camera.

So we left there and had lunch – Oportos – yummo. Thats all I need to say about that.

Then we decided to walk to Hyde Park – we walked past my first branch with Westpac – King and Castlereagh Sts – The Trust Building – it is simply gorgeous! I love old buildings! While we were walking we heard church bells. They were coming from St James Church because mass had finished. They rang and rang for a good 8 – 10 minutes! So of course we had to walk past to check it out! LOL!

Then we went to Hyde Park. I love this park. It is beautiful! This photo is of the Archibald Memorial Fountain with St Marys Cathedral in the background. I always wanted to get married in that church – shame I wasn’t Catholic though…

It was too hot in the park for the kids to run around and let of some steam so I took this quick photo of Kate and then we headed off back to the monorail to go back to Darling Harbour to see if the Carousel was open. It was, so Steve took the kids for a ride on it. The ride seemed to go for ages and Luke got bored and tried to get off the horse halfway through…..

Afterwards the kids had a play in the park and then we went back to the car and came home.

Gosh my legs were sore after all that! And I was tired so I had a nanna nap! LOL!

Which brings me to today – I went shopping to Target to put the kids winter clothes on layby. Done. Even got myself some new clothes today for my new job.

Feeling good – have been on a run/walk the last 2 nights and I feel good. I run for about 1km and then walk for 1km and then run again for 1km and then I am home and pooped. Lucky August is like 6 1/2 months away so I have plenty of time to train myself up for 14kms. I hope……..

Ok I will sign off for another day.
Take care and stay well!

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