25.01 & 26.01

25.01 – Luke’s 2nd Birthday.

2. Already. I wish time would slow down a little…. 2. I still remember everything so clearly…. 2.

We got him a Mega Blocks Pirate Ship – it is so cute! And 2 new Wiggles DVDs as he is obsessed with them at the moment!
Happy Birthday little man!

26.01 – Australia Day
Firstly we got up early – thanks kids – and I went for a run/walk. Then we got ready and went to Nurragingy Reserve to feed the ducks. Obviously we werent the first people there so the ducks were not hungry…. oh well… Had a walk around and then decided to go home.

On the way home Kate asked if we could have McDonalds. Both Steve and I were hungry so we thought that was a good idea. SO we had lunch there and the kids had fun in the play area since they were the only ones in there.

Came home and decided to mow the lawns and trim the trees and take down the Christmas lights. Then had a shower and nanny nap and now I am cybercropping over at The Scrappers Stash! Fun!

Signing off!
Happy Australia Day!

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