My Birthday part 2

<——- This is Luke and I. On my 26th birthday. Gosh I feel old. I am no longer ‘mid twenties’. I am on the downhill run to 30. *sigh*

So I want to thank everyone for their well wishes. You all know how to make a girl special!

I received the new Stephen King book of my sister as I am a King fan! Stephen went out *today* to get me a present. I ended up with a new pillow (practical), the 3rd Harry Potter book and some hand weights for when I go walking. I also received a box of chocolates and some money! So all in all I had a great day!

As you can see I have finally gotten around to updating my blog list. Well I have started to delete people now I just need to add more! I will get around to it! Promise!

So keep smiling and take care!!!!! 🙂

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