POTD 8.1

I havent walked in about 2 weeks, and tonight was no different. I didnt walk tonight – I RAN! Ohhhh boy I have a long way to go till I will be fit enough for the City to Surf but its a start. I ran *almost* the whole way – except when I thought I was going to throw up dinner! My chest is paying for it now but I will be ok later.

So now for my photo of the day. I walked out the backyard and saw the ‘plastic graveyard’ as I like to call it since it is covered in plastic toys! LOL!!! So when I was walking to the garage I saw Luke’s lawn mower and whipper snipper lying together and I couldnt resist! Here it is with no editing:

Oh and I finished that book too. But I think I will give my brain a rest before I didve into the third one.

Oh and we bought part of Kate’s school uniform today – the dress. How exciting! Only 3 weeks to go!

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