The story of B&S

As per Moi’s challenge, this is the story of Beth & Stephen…..

I was working at Woolworths at the time when Steve and I first met.
I was a checkout operator and he was a 2IC grocery manager.
I had a crush on Steve for about a year. I liked the way he walked.
During this time I was carrying some excess weight thanks to stopping athletics so I just kept my feelings to myself.
So I lost the weight and felt really good about myself so I got myself some new skirts for work – I guess a little too short – but I was young and carefree and was skinny again so I was flaunting it! LOL!
Well Steve asked me out. At the time I had a boyfriend soI told him no.
He asked me out again but I still had said boyfriend.
Said boyfriend went away for a week and didn’t invite me. Hmph!
So I went to work and I was clocking in when Steve walked into the lunchroom.
I said “Hi Stephen. What are you doing tonight?” He said “Nothing.” I said “Well do you want to go out then?”

I could not believe the words coming out of my mouth!!! I had never ever asked anyone out!!!!!!

So we went out to the drive-ins. A week later I dumped said boyfriend and we have been together ever since!

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