You know you are old when….

You have to get multifocal lenses for your glasses…… *sob* I got my eyes tested today and at the tender age of 25 – 26 in 10 days – I have to get multifocal lenses. *sob* I feel so OLD!!!!! So I picked out new glasses as these ones have had it – I got pink moulded plastic ones – dont worry they look pretty funky – and I was so sick of the nose pads turning green! So anyway I pick them up in a week (and after I pay $450 for them! EEK!) so I will post a photo of me in my new pink plastic glasses – gosh I sound like a geek!

<————So I have finished another layout. I had to scraplift a layout from a particular 2Pea user and I chose this layout. I had fun with this layout! Once I agonised over which photos to scrap – inspiration hit – which is always a good thing!

So this is layout number 3 in my challenge – scrap 10 layouts before shopping again. I am hanging to go shopping which is probably why I am getting through a layout a night! I never used to be able to do a layout a week! LOL! I guess since finding my ‘groove’ it has been so much easier to scrap.

Ok so I didnt get around to my blog link list. Maybe tomorrow…. if I am not too busy scrapping that is! LOL!

Night all! Sleep tight – dont let the bed bugs bite!

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