So I had to walk up to the shop as Kate was complaining of an itchy bum – gotta love school! So we are all wormed now! 🙂 Gotta love the chocolate flavour too! LOL!

So then I decided to watch the Biggest Loser weigh in – I cant believe on guy lost 15kgs in one week!!!

SO afterwards I decided to go for a sloooow jog.
Started off walking for about 300m and then started running. I got to the turn off and decided to go the full 3km block.
Surprisingly I just kept on going till I got to about 2.5km and then I got a killer stitch so I walked the remainder of the way. Quite happy as it took 24 minutes and the walking was very slow and the running even slower! LOL!

So exercise today:
Walk: 1.5km
Run: 2.5km
Time: 35mins approx

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