Where the ##### did the last week go?!?!?!?!?!
I cannot believe that another week has already passed! This year is just going way to fast for my liking!

So I have been keeping up with my running and I have even set myself up a new blog – the Site of the running Pain – and it holds all the boring running stuff – somewhere to keep track of my progress.

So I was studying last night when I came across this quote on concrete “it is a willing material when fresh, fragile when still young, stubborn when old, lacking always in tensile strength.”
It doesn’t mean anything to most but I really liked it….. yeah so anyway….. lol

Havent scrapped all week – so I think that makes two weeks now with no scrapping. I am sure I will get back into it sooner or later….

Went to Ikea yesterday – love that store! Steve wanted to get some new glasses as we had a mishmash of glasses. So I threw out all the old cups and now we have some nice new ones. They are only small in size which is ok as it will limit the amount of soft drink consumption – well thats the plan anyway!

Today I took Luke to playgroup. There were only 3 other kids there but he had a great time anyway! Then I put him straight to bed at 11am and he has only just woke up now! I guess it wore him out!!! Definately will keep going to this!

Before I go I just want to say……….
Hope you have a great one!

Take care and keep smiling everyone!

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