EEK! The last day of Februaury!!!! I can’t believe tomorrow is not only the beginning of March but is also the beginning of AUTUMN!!!!!

So I know, another post so soon to the last one…… well its because I have some great news! I applied for a Guest design team member at a store a couple of weeks ago and I was kicking myself at the time because you had to give them 2 double layouts for consideration but on both of them I used a 8×10 photo so I thought I had screwed up my chances because 8×10’s are not always practical and cheap… but apparently not!!! Thats right!!!! I have been selected for 6 months to be a guest designer for The Scrapbook Superstore at Penrith! YIPPEE!!!

Started cleaning up Kate’s room – is it just my daughter or are most 5 year old room’s messy? I only cleaned it 2 weeks ago but within 3 days it looks like a tip again!?!?! Drives me crazy. I wanted to move the furniture around but it was too hard so I have left it until Steve gets home from work.

Nothing much else today, me and Luke bummed around in the backyard playing.
Tonight we are having chicken Strog but am undecided if we will have it with fettucine or rice. Hmmmm tough decisions……..

Got up at 5.45am to go for a run and tomorrow will be 5.30am as it is my long slow run on wednesdays.

So thats about all for now…. just had to share my happy news! LOL!
Take care!!!!!!

ps. did you notice my autumn colours? LOL!!!

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