Aawwww Valentine’s Day

So I am not very romantic and so I dont ‘get’ Valentine’s Day.
But for all those hopeless romantics out there – I hope you had a wonderful day!

Kylie came over yesterday to give me my birthday present! Thanks Kylie! Whats better than spending time with a friend and getting some yummy scrapbooking supplies?!?!

Ok so I started studying last night. Hydraulics II. Looks interesting enough – yeah if you like pipes?!?! And have ordered my textbooks for Concrete Structures. Another riveting installment to my uni career. But with each subject I do – the closer to fullfilling my career dreams.

Walked/ran again tonight. 3 nights in a row. I am really enjoying myself. I so can’t wait for the day where I just start running and dont feel like I could collapse at any second! I will get there!

SO I think it is time for another diary entry……
The Gift if the Heart
The commercial extravaganza of Valentine’s Day can distract us from its true symbolic meaning. As an antidote, celebrate your love for all of your family and friends this week. Whenever you are reminded of Valentine’s Day, send loving thoughts to someone dear to you, and say a prayer of thanks for them in your heart.

And before I go – Congratulations to Sandi and Fran for the news of their increasing families!!!!
Keep smiling and thanks for stopping by!!!

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