Day to Day: I was watching Futurama tonight…..

And Hermes said “I was never cut out to be a beaurocrat, I am only anal 78.63% of the time” and I have to admit Moi, I thought of you! LOL! Sorry!

Ok so not much else happening except Steve will be home soon – he went away overnight for work, but gee I missed him! I think we tend to take each other for granted alot of the time. I suppose its lucky for us we dont fight! I have missed him and I am reserving a big cuddle just for him.

On the topic of reserving – I am going to the Nickleback concert!!!!!! WOOOHOOO!!!! They would have to be my favouritest band and I am really excited!!!

Ok, another diary entry!
Hidden Treasures
We may feel we know our friends pretty well – their annoying habits as well as their good points but we should avoid taking their personalities for granted. There are always new areas to explore, even in the oldest of friendships. Spend some quality time with a good friend, share some secrets, and deepen the bond between you.

And speak of the devil…. Steve is home! YAY!

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