Not hungry

I am not hungry.
I know I have to eat more but I am just not hungry.
I am eating less than I did before I started exercising!
Breakfast: 2 pieces of toast
Lunch: Sandwich
Dinner: Meat and veg or pasta etc.
UGH! Whats wrong with me?!?!
I am supposed to be famished!!!!!

On an up note, I felt really good after running last night the slightly longer distance. That is what week 2 will be based on. Day 4 I will add the extra lap to make it 6.5km total for that day. And then on day 5 I will run a little bit longer – maybe a full 1.2km before a rest.

I have become slightly obsessed with running and I cant wait to be fit enough to just run and not worry about collapsing! LOL!

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