So I am a little tipsy so I thought I would post an entry! 🙂
Well I had a day off work today. I was very *cough* sick.

So I cant believe it has already been 12 weeks since my last blood donation. Thats right kiddies – I donated my precious O- blood last night and just reminding all that can – please go and donate! It really isnt as bad as you think!!!

No work tomorrow – woohoo! I hate working saturdays – but at double time and only 4 hours I find it hard to say no – but tomorrow I am not rostered on so I am going to drag Steve and the kids to the park – I think Western Sydney Regional Park as it has a cool flying fox!

So I have just finished off 4 Ruski’s and am losing feeling in my nose – the drunk test for me…. lol and I am in good spirits! I have just planned a layout so all it needs is to be trimmed to perfection and stuck down. It was for a cybercrop prize for TSS – imagine receiving my page as a prize – roflmfao!!!!! Well I hope Vicky likes it – to be honest – I am liking it! LOL – that could be the alcohol talking though!

You have no idea how many times I have used backspace in this post – fair dinkum!

A HUGE shoutout to Sharryn for getting a publication acceptance for SC!!! Woohoo! The first of many I am sure!

Linda – cmon girl I am sure you lead a jam-packed full of action life – so update your blog! LOL!

Anyway – very excited – I went to Superstore today and spoke to the lady who looks after the DT and well I am just super pumped and excited!!! LOL! So much so it inspired me to scrap! Oh and I went to Harvey Norman to have some photos developed and was a happy chicken because they now do 5×7 prints and have reduced the price on 6×8’s!! WOOHOO! Happy camper here!

Seriously it doesnt take much to get me happy and excited! LMAO!

I might go now…..
sorry if the links dont work and I am going to try and format some colour into this baby so hopefully that works! LOL!

I had something else to say but have forgotten – oh well must have been a lie – lmao – who else’s mum says that?!?! LOL!!!!

Oh I remember now – I am just sitting here listening to Nickleback and James Blunt – could life get any better?!?!? Love it!!!

Smiles and take care!!!!!!!
And thanks for stopping by my blog!


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