First off – I would just like to say a huge big THANKYOU for coming and reading my dribble and even posting comments! You are all truely special! Also thankyou very much for your congratulations on the DT spot! One thing though – Sam – whats you blog addy so I can add you to my list like I was supposed to do a month ago???

So yes – I did have a slight hangover! I was supposed to do 4 reps at 1.5km – did about 1km when I thought I was going to vomit so I went home and Steve sent me for a nap – which lasted 3 hours…….

Fran – I say that ALL the time!!!! Its all fun and games till someone loses an eye! I love it!!! C’mon everyone – what are some other sayings? (I feel a layout coming on! LOL!)

Ok so sunday was all planned – we were going to go to the shops and then off to the park. So we got ready. I was doing Kate’s hair and yep, you guessed it – nits! Ewww! So off to the chemist we go and then spent the next couple of hours delousing! All’s good. I think. I hope.

So Steve decided we needed to wash all the clean clothes that were ready for folding – oh only about 5 loads and all the towels and bedding – by bedding he also meant quilts. So I am still washing today and everything is going through the dryer (cant wait for the electricity bill!) because he read on the net that dry heat tumble drying for 20 minutes kills any lice. Let’s hope it does the trick!

Today I took Luke to playgroup. Why oh why do I have a feral child!?!?!? I am more tired chasing after him than after one of my runs! Fair dinkum! But there was a really sweet moment when one of the other little boys – around Luke’s age I think – was sitting in his stroller ready to go and Luke went over and gave him a cuddle and a kiss. Awwww. The other poor boy cried though so his mum gave Luke a cuddle instead.

Oh here is the layout I did for Vicky who won the cybercrop prize of me doing a layout for her over at TSS. I wish it was mine to keep because I would definately sub it!! Even with the 3 year old daggy star shaped eyelets!!! 😛

So thats about it from me today.
Take it easy and if you cant be good
, be good at it!

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