Kate turned the big 5 yesterday! I cant believe my baby girl is 5!!! She had a great day!

Firstly she opened her present which was a My Little Pony hot air balloon set and 2 MLP DVD’s.

Then at 12 oclock we went to Cooper’s birthday party. Cooper is in her class at school and his birthday was last thursday. His party was so much fun!

The kids (and some parents) had tractor rides, which was really a ride-on lawn mower with a trailor attached and some hay in it!
There were 2 jumping castles, but that was because the first one they put up wasn’t what they ordered, so they left it there and then put the other one up aswell.
The kids all had a splash around in the pool. Since Kate she was standing on the steps and missed her footing and fell in and she was flailing around so I just layed down and grabbed her and pulled her to the surface and out of the pool. After that she just splashed around in the spa with some other kids who couldn’t swim. Definately going to be putting her into swimming lessons asap!
So some more party fun with the pinata and face painting and then we went at 4oclock. Those 4 hours went very very fast! All the kids had the best time!

Then in the evening Fliss, Jus, Wendy, Pete, Shaz and Shaun all came over for Kate and Shaz’s birthday and we had a BBQ. Great night.

Which brings me to today.
I was at the shop this morning picking up some more cough lollies for poor sick Steve when I thought I would check out if they had some choc-vanilla swirls yogo – which of course they didnt and I turned around and there was Catherine. I trained with Catherine for years with walking! She lives like around the corner! I was so excited to run into her! She is still walking and it got me thinking about if I should start walking again, or just keep up with the running. Hmmmm. Undecided. I might have a go at walking tomorrow morning and you just never never know………

Oh and I just found out that Jane Saville is going to be the flag bearer for the Commonwealth Games. She is an asset to athletics. She has been around for so long and always at the top level of participation. Well done Jane and I hope you bring home the gold medal! I am so excited about the Comm Games – only 2 more sleeps until it starts!!!

Ok so I better go as I have a CJ here to do wich I should have done ages ago. Oops. I also have 2 DT layouts to do. Argh! So much for my time management skills!!!!!

Oh and I just want to say how proud I am of myself tonight. I crumbed some chicken for dinner, and it is the first time I havent left half the coating burnt to the bottom of the pan! My cooking skills are improving! Yay me! LOL!

Take care and thanks for stopping by!

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