So this week I have been so absorbed watching the Commonwealth Games. I have made a vow that next time the games, either Olympic or COmmonwealth, are in Australia, I AM THERE! As a spectator of course! LOL! 😛

So were you all watching? Ok so here is where I lay claim to one of the athletes……
Did you all watch the 3000m Mens Steeplechase last friday night (24th)? Well the guy who came 4th, Martin Dent was my very first boyfriend! He dumped me and made me cry for 2 days but I was 13 so I have since got over it but it doesnt stop me from claiming some fame! ROFLMAO!!!!

So, what else has been happening in the bethroid world? Not much!
I applied for some new jobs. Fingers crossed!

Went to my sister-in-law’s baby shower on the weekend and now I am undecided about if I want more babies….. Steve informed me that he didnt want any…. Dont worry thats his sense of humor, otherwise, too bad so sad! LOL!

Eh, nothing much else….
Take care and thanks for stopping by!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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