So I went for a 6.5km run on sunday, wanted to go through in 6.30m/km and was just slightly quicker at around 6.20m/k so I was happy with that. I felt comfortable and strong which was good.
Monday off.
Was supposed to run 5.6km on tuesday but had a shocking night sleep which consisted of me not getting to sleep until 2am so when the alarm went off at 6am the LAST thing I was doing was going for a run!!!
So instead I went for a 6km run this morning. Wanted to go through at 6min/km and went slightly over at about 6.13min/km which was good because I felt like the BIGGEST UNCO!!! I was stiff through the shoulders and they just wouldnt relax! I felt like I was running with 2 left feet and my legs just did not want to move! I tell ya – it was a struggle for the entire 6km!!!
So wednesday is weight/measurement day. Not much to report except a weight loss of about 1/2kg which made me pleased! 🙂
Thanks for reading and happy running! 🙂
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