*Note to self, if you need to pee before a race and you have had 2 kids, go and pee!*

West Met meet yesterday. I orignally wasn’t going to go because I wasnt feeling all the best, but I thought that if I miss just one week then it will be easy to make excuses every other week. So I went. 4kms of grass and dirt track. Boy it was hard work! Went through the first 2ks in 10.23 and instantly thought ‘shit I went too hard’ but I felt comfortable so I just kept on going. So a little into the second 2k I needed to pee! I fair dinkum thought I was going to wet myself. It is not easy to run another 2ks while doing kegals to keep it in. So I came home in 11.17 for a total 4kms at 21.40mins. Cranky with myself as I was feeling good and strong. Oh well. But hubby and kids (my cheer squad) were cheering me on and they always make me smile and feel good about my efforts! 🙂

8km slow run today when hubby drags himself out of bed! I let him sleep in as he let me have a nap yesterday arvo. Good man.

One thing that I noticed the other day… I took the kids out for a photo shoot and Luke kept running away – 2 year olds will do this – and I couldnt believe how easy it was to chase after him! I am seriously loving the fact that I can just get up and run and play with the kids more and not feel puffed. Sweet!

Happy running!!!

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