Kinda surprised myself today… I had a 6k run scheduled so when hubby finally got up (i let him sleep in again… gosh I am nice!) he ushered me out the door to go for the run. Secretly he just wanted to use the computer without me nagging! ROFLOL!!! I ran really well today and I even got a comment from a guy who was walking that I passed twice. He called out “you’re doing good” so I called out “yeah but its taken me weeks to get here though”.

So, back to running…. I decided to go around in 6min/km. I was surprised to I went through the first 3km in 17.29mins and I thought yeah a little fast but I feel good. So I turned around and went the other way around the block and did the second 3km in 17.11mins. This is my fastest 3km around the usual block! I was really happy with that and the thing is I could have kept running even longer at that pace!

I am so happy with my progress and I am so relieved that I have not had any injury niggles either! *Touching wood frantically!*

Did my long run, well 8km run on sunday, and went through in 49minutes, so in around 6.10mins/km which I know is a little fast for this run, but I felt like I was running really really slow as it was!

Thanks for stopping by and happy trails!!! 🙂

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