Ok I will elaborate on the previous post!
Nickelback were just awesome! You know when you go and see a band and they have the music really really loud so you cant hear the lyrics? Yeah? Well the music was really loud and they rocked the house down, but you could hear every word perfectly! They sound identical to the released soundtracks, the only difference was the music was rockier but it sounded awesome! AWESOME!!!! Even if we were in the 2nd row from the roof – it made for uninterrupted viewing!! LOL!
I had the best time and I sung along to almost every song – there were only 2 I werent familiar with. So yeah, it was AWESOME! Have I said that already? LOL!
If they tour Australia again – I am there! And I will sneak my camera in next time! 😛 They have heaps of fireworks too!
😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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