Gosh I havent updated in ages!!!!

I bought myself a new pair of shoes! Asics GT2110 from Centre Sports Store as they were $30 cheaper than anyone else and well $30 is a new singlet or shorts!

I did 26kms this last week. I am feeling so much fitter and it is a great feeling!!!

Tues: 6.4km @ 36.54
Wed: 3km @ 16.50
Thurs: 6.4km @ 36.29

Sun: 10km @ 1.01.13 – how happy was I?!?!?!?! I almost broke 1hour in training and I wasnt pushing it and my heart rate was around 155. Sweet! Looking good to break the 1hour mark on June 4th for the Blacktown City Fun Run!

There has been no West Met races for the last 2 weeks and I am itching to get out there and see my progress! This coming saturday will tell.

This coming week is the same program as the week I just had – except with my 4km race thrown in. Then the km’s up a little. I am so worried about my goal of running Blackmore’s half. I feel like I wont be ready to run that distance. I guess I still have 5 months and I have made it to 10km in almost 3 months. I will just keep keeping on and I am sure Hal Higdon wouldnt have been recommended if his program wasnt any good.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Trails!

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