West Met meet #4.
4km – supposedly flat course so I took it out harder than usual. Was going good until I hit the 2.5km mark and there was a hill. Not any old hill. A very steep incline. I had to walk the 200m up it! Then it just wrecked me for the final 1.5km. Oh well. I still managed to come home in 20.26mins which is still a PB by 27 seconds. Hopefully I will go under the 20minute mark soon.

I also found it hard today to run knowing Steve and the kids weren’t going to be watching and cheering for me. It just made that last km a little harder and negative thoughts (I cant do this – springs to mind…) kept creeping into my head. Oh well. There is always next week!

Afterwards I was talking to another runner and he was telling me about a weekly training session that I think I will go to. Just to get out there and run with other people. We will see.

So back to the training this week and hopefully I will keep improving my times!

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