Blacktown City Fun Run 10km.
1. Go out too fast……. check
2. Get a stitch at 3km mark……. check
3. Die in the middle stages of race (3km – 6km)…… check
4. Come home feeling good in the last 4km….. check
5. Run 10km in under 60mins…… CHECK! My watch said 56.24mins!

It was such a beautiful day for a run too. It wasnt too cold, only my toes felt a little numb for the first half, but arms and legs didnt feel it at all! The course was nice and flat except for a hill, but it was only about 500m long I would say. I am thankful that my 3km block I run for training has a 1km long hill in either direction. My brother in law also ran in it – he finished in 45mins, so good times for both of us!

May mileage was not very good, but doing the fun run has really made me want to get out there and really focus on doing some good distances over the next couple of months leading up to C2S.

Total: 71kms for May

I will edit later with a photo!

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