West Met meet last saturday was bittersweet. I had a 4km race. The first 2kms I felt great! Really strong and went through in 10.07mins. Then it started. I started cramping on both sides of my torso. Although it felt muscular as opposed to a stitch. So I bought the 2nd half in 11.24mins. Very dissapointed but I know I would have run really well if it werent for the cramping.

Went for a run tonight. Decided before I went out there that I am going to focus on distance, not time. So I just wanted to take it easy and not even look at my watch until I returned. Well, it worked! I havent enjoyed a run so much in like 6 weeks! I did 12kms in 1h16mins and I enjoyed every minute of it!

I am so motivated now to do the distance and not worry about the time! I cant wait until tomorrow to go for another run! I feel like I have made a motivation breakthough! YAY!

Thanks for stopping by!!!
Happy running! 🙂

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