Ok ok ok!!!! I will update!
Thank goodness the illness that gripped our family in the previous post didnt last for long! I dont think I could have handled any more whinging!!! So happy little campers here!

Well I was chosen to be on the design team for Memory Bugs again. I am very happy about this! Especially since I now get to work with Carole Janson and Mardi Winen and Yvette Adams and Jolene Pienaar! Such wonderfully talented ladies!!! So if I ever own a scrapping store I am NOT going to have a DT – the decision would be too hard!!!

Still been running. Not as much as I want/should be doing but I am getting into my groove again so its all good. I have a photo of me running here.

Moi, you shall be seeing me very shortly and for that I am so very excited!!!

Nothing much else to speak of really. Life around this neck of the woods dont change much. So I shall leave it here with a recent (well couple of weeks old) layout that I love.

Thanks for stopping by and take care!!!

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