Newsflash – I know whats wrong with me!!! I am anemic, yes, my iron levels are loooooow. So I am on iron tablets and no donating blood for at least 6 months. Bummer. SOmeone could do with my precious O-. Not to worry. I just wish I wasnt still tired all the time.

So, my friend, Linda, is opening a online scrapbooking store, Strictly Scrapbooking!!! WOOHOO!!! I am so excited for her!!! It is not open for business until next Friday, but bookmark it now and have a browse around and be ready next friday to order some goodies! Dont everyone go and buy out all the Rob and Bob clips before I finish my 10 layouts in my scrap to shop challenge!

Scrap speaking…. I got another acceptance – this one for FK! It is my old Kiss layout! Very surprised but very happy as I love that layout! I just love the body language!

So I am still doing this silly SM Masters entry. I have to cut up the wood to make my BTP item and then I have to do 6 very simple layouts for my BTP item. Finish my double – which I am not liking but anyway… and do my single layout journalling. Its due next friday. *gulp*

So… Steve’s parents went back to New Zealand today. They were here for a week. I had a really good week and it was a sad day today.

Hmmm. I think thats all….
Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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