RETREAT STARTS TONIGHT!!! WOOT!!! I am so excited!!!!
I am all packed and ready to go!
I just have to go to the shop and by food supplies for the family for the weekend!
I had a bunch to write about but in all my excitement I have forgotten. Oh well.

I have decided to have a crack at the For Keeps Everyday Moments comp. If I finish I will enter. If I dont I will end up with some beautiful layouts. I have done one so far.

<—– So here is my first layout. LOL Luke is the funniest kid! He has realised he can roll his tongue! So cute! I tell you though, it was hard using those ribbon buckles!!!

I am loving the colour orange at the moment so expect to see more photos of luke in that orange shirt! LOL! Just to use up my orange paper stores!

I got my number for the City to Surf the other day. 19980. Cool. Take out a 9 and its my year of birth! LOL! Very excited but I havent run in 6 weeks so I think I might take the camera and just soak up the atmosphere of running in a race with 60,000 other people. Or I might try and run and see how I go. Or I could always dress up. That gorilla suit is sounding good Kath! Either way, work has a tent at the end with food, drinks and apparently massages. Sweet.

So I better get going.
Thanks for stopping by and I will report early next week with a full report of the retreat! 🙂

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