Mr H. comes into work about once a week. Mr H. makes me want to cry. He is the sweetest man. He is 88 this year and last year he lost his wife of 62 years to cancer. For months he would come into work and we would say “Hi Mr H. How are you today?” and he would reply “I am so lonely” with tears in his eyes. After a couple of months he started saying “I am alright thanks” and that relieved us a little as he was so saddened by the passing of his best friend.

A while ago I was driving out to a friends house and I was driving down the main street and here is Mr H. walking with his cane and limp down the street. I cried. He looked so sad and lonely and it made me upset to think that one day I might be that person walking down the street. That I will lose my best friend after 62 years.

He came into work today and he wasn’t feeling the best and he told me he was going to go pay a bill then go to the station to catch a taxi home. He walks everywhere you see. I knew he lived close so I offered to take him home to which he accepted my offer.

I got him home and he invited me to come inside and have a look at his house, which I obliged. He showed me around the house, the loungeroom, kitchen, backyard, bedrooms, and even the bathroom! He showed me the photos on the walls and the books on the shelves. When he offered me a cup of tea I had to decline as I had to get back to work.

When I was leaving he said “I only felt 25% today but you dropping me home has made me feel 100%.”

So now I sit here and cry and reflect on this mans loneliness without his wife and I hope that I get to go before Steve as I wouldn’t be able to cope, I wouldn’t be able to function. I know it is years and years away but I feel so much for Mr H. I guess he is lucky that he has a great son who visits him twice a week, but nothing could replace the hole in his heart of his best friend’s passing.

Sorry, just had to get it off my chest and tell someone.

But on a happy note – Happy 4th Wedding Annaversary to my sister and her husband!!! 🙂

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