So I read this book – The Big Picture by Stacy Julian. Am now thinking about changing the way I keep my layouts. Stacy has albums called All About Us, The People we Love, The places we Go and The things we Do etc. I think I like this idea better as I like to tell a story with my layouts, not just showcase a nice photo, although I like to do that too! So at the moment I have a chronological family album but I think I will start to approach my layouts differently from now on.

Another scrapping thing I love is challenges and dares. I love them and get ideas straight away, I just tend to never get around to completing them on time! So Rhonna Farrer has this 21 Day Challenge and first off you choose a habit to make or one that you need to break. Everyday a new quote is released and in a journal/diary type thing you write about it. It is great and very motivational. I think I might start it again – I started but didnt get past day 2….

I am going to start – again.

My habit is exercise. Since becoming anemic I haven’t exercised. I am too tired and to be honest I have been using it as an excuse not to exercise. So since i havent run in 7 weeks, I have managed to put on 2 kilos and my clothes are getting tight again so I am going to pull my finger out and get back out there, even if its just walking, anything is better than nothing.

So thats it – this is day 1 and since it is 10.30pm, I think I may put that Pilates video on because I aint going outside now to go for a walk!

And before I go and do some pilates, I might share 2 layouts I did at the retreat!

Also I just want to thank everyone for dropping by my blog! I didnt mean to be such a sad sack in my last post but I really needed to tell someone and I knew Steve would look at me like I had grown an extra head if I blurted all that out to him!

Also, the kids are sick. Steve is sick. I am unscathed. I sometimes like the fact that I work with the public because I dont seem to pick up as many bugs!

Speaking of bugs… yes… Kate had nits… again! But we caught it before she got majorly infested. Its my fault because we had been using a tea tree oil solution and it ran out and I every time I go to the shop I forget to buy more. Definately getting some tomorrow as it stops the nit being able to lay eggs in the hair strand so for all you school mums – buy a spray bottle and fill with tea tree oil and dilute with water and spray the hair every day. I do it in the morning as Kate has wild hair so it helps with putting it into a style aswell.

Speaking of Kate’s wild hair… I really have to get some photos of her to scrap. Ok. Comfession time. I scrap Luke more. Its because Kate has the wildest hair and well, it just doesnt photograph well. But after reading The Big Picture, I know that this is her trait and it should be embraced. Wild hair photos and all…. LOL.

Anyway, I think I have babbled on enough and I really have to go do some pilates…
Thanks for dropping by!!! 🙂

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