Today is my day 2 of the Rhonna Farrer 21 Day Challenge! My habit is exercise and I have also thrown in losing weight as an extra incentive.
This morning I went to the shop and they had a special on OptiSlim so I bought myself some to kickstart my weight loss and exercise program. After that I went for a walk around the block. It was hard going with the stroller, 2 boxes of OptiSlim and tonights stuff for dinner! But it was all good and now I feel so invigorated!

Today’s quote is true. I was worried about exercising again because I thought it would hurt and I would be sore and tired. But now that I have got out there and walked – I feel silly because it wasn’t all that bad afterall!!!

Well, its another crazy weather day here today! It doesn’t know if it wants to be sunny or rainy! I hope sunny as I have to help out with gross motor at school this afternoon!

Well…. thats about all from me for today. I have some housework I have to do and I want to do that this morning as I want to start a roast when we get home from the school.

Oh and another thing – Kath has a blog!!!!
Take care and thanks for stopping by!!!!!!! 🙂

Edited to add…..
Does anyone else find this photo really scary?!
Luke is looking at her thinking “I’m gonna get you with this plastic shovel!”
LOL! Sorry. Just had to share!

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