DAY 4 of the Rhonna Farrer 21 Day Challenge. So I am doing good. Well, better than I was. Still, I have to keep working at the exercise thing to make it a habit.

You know – I am really loving these quote! Seriously they are so inspirational! I think I may do a altered journal or something like that with them in. Not that I am into altered stuff much… I like Ali Edwards’ life journals and stuff like that, but I dont think I could pull it off to look as ‘cool’ you know. Hmmm. Maybe I will….. probably I wont…….

So I signed up for this Last Scrapper Standing challenge over at the Effer Dare blog, and then in true Beth style, I promptly forgot about it. So I checked in last night and the first challenge had already been set and was due wednesday midnight. The challenge was to journal on the photo. So this is the layout I came up with. I was scared to write on the photo but I dont mind it now!

I went to do a 1 hour scrap challenge – challenged by none other than myself – and you know what – I couldnt scrap! Its not because I didnt have enough time. Its because of this layout. Because I love it so much, what I was doing, just wasnt comparing! Does this happen to other people too or am I just too harsh on myself?

Ok, I guess thats it from me for tonight.Take it easy and thanks for dropping by! 🙂

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