Day 7 of the Rhonna Farrer 21 Day Challenge.

I weighed myself this morning. It has been a week since I started the OptiSlim diet. I have lost a smidgen over 2kgs. I feel great and my clothes fit so much better! Here I am thinking I had shrunk my new shirts in the dryer… but no… it was just the extra couple of kilos I was carrying. 2 weeks to go on this diet and I should be at goal weight.

Went for a walk this morning after dropping Kate off at school. The weather is just so beautiful!

Luke, of course, ran inside and asked to have Bugs Life put on. Its his new favourite at the moment. His life revolves around it! It is a cute movie so I can see the appeal!

Have to go to Spotlight today and buy some material as Kate has bookweek next week and they have to go as witches and wizards out of Harry Potter. So I have to make her a robe and a hat. I have no idea how I am going to do it, but I am sure it will turn out ok.

Have to get 3 photos printed off for the Effer’s Last Scrapper Standing challenge.

Oh forgot to mention that I am going back to fulltime work in a couple of weeks. Still not sure how I feel about this. I am going back so we can save the extra money to buy a house in 6-9 months but I dont know if I am ready to go. Although, I dont really get much done on my days off like I had originally planned. I think after the first couple of weeks when we are all settled in to our new routine I will be fine about it. I am actually looking forward to it as I am taking a step down from what I do now. I love the role I am going back into so that will make my working day much happier!

Ok, thats it from me today! Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!!! 🙂

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