City to Surf Challenge

I know there are heaps of people who would love to do this but haven’t for some reason or another. Well lets start a challenge. There are 52 weeks until the next one. HEAPS of time to get a little bit fit. Even if you don’t want to run – you can always walk it! I am going to set up a group blog where we can post our progress towards our 14km goal! So who is in? I know Lusi is!!!
So please leave a comment to say that your in! (But you have to be registered to blogger even if you dont have a blog so you can post on your progress.)

Now, lets get out there and get fit and have fun and we will be the “City to Surf Scrappers”!!!

So who’s in?

So today is day 8 of the Rhonna Farrer 21 Day challenge. I bought another box of Optislim yesterday so I will do this diet up to August 26th as we are going to Luna Park that day and I simply have to have a dagwood dog! LOL! So I have 10 days left! I am doing good and am not sick of salads yet… but ask me in another 10 days!

I ran around so much yesterday that today I have the sorest legs and even walking to the school was painful. I really felt like I was on my feet all day! Especially helping out with gross motor at the school – jumping rope for 45 minutes gets tiring!!!

I have finished making Hermione’s robes for Kate to go as a witch to bookweek. I found a Barbie pattern and took the basic sketch and went from there. Its not perfect, but they do look good! She loves them too which is the main thing! She didn’t want me to sew the hood on though as she wanted to wear a pointy hat! So I have the cardboard to make that.

Well thats about it for today. Have a good one and SIGN UP FOR THE C2S CHALLENGE!!! 🙂

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