I DID IT!!! I RAN!!!
And it didnt hurt like I thought it would!
Yesterday I had the choice of a nap or a run. I took run.
I thought I would just take it easy and see how far I go.
I ended up doing 3km in 19.17mins and I just took it really easy.
My chest started hurting after about 1km, but it was all uphill so that probably had something to do with it. My legs didnt hurt at all… until some hour when I had to get up to Luke and I went to jump out of bed, but it was moe of a crawl!
And boy were they sore today.
So I went for another 3km run to loosen them up.
I did it in 18.23min and I didnt even push myself!

I am so happy that I haven’t lost near as much fitness as I thought I did!!!

You know, before I was diagnosed with anemia, I was getting bored of running and I think thats what took me so long to start again.
Now that I have started again, I really enjoyed it!
And truth be told… I missed it too!
So glad to be back running again! 🙂

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