Happy birthday Fliss!!! (You old fart! LOL!)

Yes. I have been MIA. I have been checking my emails and thats it. No forums. No galleries. Nothing. Just… too… tired!!! I have been going to bed at 9.30 every night and my eyes hurt constantly and all I want to do is sleep. Now, I know this could be my anemia but I am mainly blaming work.

So, my new job. Well I am stressed to the max. I never used to get headaches, but I am getting used to them now. I am on my feet from 8.15 to 5.15 and I do not stop all day. I am tired and my legs ache.

I miss my time at home and I miss the kids. Yeah sure I see them but I miss the walking to and from school etc. But I have to admit, we are making use of our weekends. We go for picnics or go to the park. We hire movies and snuggle up and watch them. We are going to take the kids fishing soon too. I enjoy my weekends so much more now. We have so much fun.

Little A’s started last week and I am such a dag and am competing in seniors. The other people are really nice and I have forgotten how much I enjoyed Little A’s. I missed it. I missed the smell of the clover at the long jump pit, the strong lights shining down, the cold dewey grass, the smell of the canteen, the people, the familiarity. I am as slow as hell but I am enjoying it so much!

Well, thats it from me. My eyes are starting to water and since there is nothing on TV I might go to bed. But before I go, Jolene, I will get around to your tag when my head can think of something interesting and Kath, I hope your leg heals fast and well. I cant believe you broke it!!!

Thanks for stopping by!
Take care!

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