Well I had an awesome day! I went to Crop for a Cure at Campbelltown and I scrapped the day away with Sharryn and Kylie and we got to meet Kerrin Quall and even got some photos with her! I even got a layout done which will form part of my FK ET entry. Stoked I am finished that!

So yesterday we went to the shops and we bought a little wading pool for the kids and then they wanted goggles, and since they were only $2 each we obliged and bought them. I got a couple of the cutest photos ever! But I cant upload as they are on the other computer. Bugger. Will do next time though.

Speaking of which, I havent been taking many photos lately. I should. It gives me things to scrap. LOL!

So I ended up ordering a pair of spikes for athletics as it was too hard running on the dewey grass in my sneakers. I couldnt believe that Asics only had ONE type of womens spikes. I mean seriously! Lots of women run and need shoes just as much as men. Men had about 6 different types. Go figure.

Ok I have just finished watching Idol and I am a little dissapointed there is no ‘evict’ vote like in Big Brother or I would spend $100 getting rid of Lisa. I loved Mutto, Chris and Lavina. And since they are my top 3 all of them get a vote from me! I know I am sad! LOL! Shimmer is my favouritest song ever but Dean did not hit it. Fell clearly below standard for me. If I didnt know the song as well as I do I think it would have sounded fine but since I tend to listen to it over and over again as I scrap, I know it. And he didnt hit it. Oh well. And I think the judges were spot on tonight.

Ummm what else has happened in a day? Nothing much so thanks for stopping by and look after yourself!!! :0)

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