Ok, so I promised photos in my last post and so I better deliver.

<—-And so here is Katie…. goofy smile and all! Well, I have finished my FK ET entry! Everything, materials lists, packing, etc. Phew! Am I glad thats over! Except… now the wait begins!

And now here is cool dude Luke! –>

Well I sit here in the garage and I am actually listening to music and contemplating finishing my Memory Bugs DT layout, I know, a little late since the newsletter came out yesterday. Did you all get the newsletter? Seriously, the girls on the DT rock my socks and shoes! They are just awesome scrappers and I am so in awe of these girls talents! If you dont get it, you better sign up!

Work today, ugh. I have worked out why my nose runs constantly while I am at work. I know, it has only been 3 weeks, but I have worked it out! I feel so silly for not realising earlier… there is a really bad draft in the branch and because there is a small opening in the window at the teller counter the draft goes straight through it, and yup, straight into my eyes, which makes them run and which in turn makes my nose run. The manager has looked into fixing it, but as usual, everything costs money and stopping a draft is not something they are willing to spend money on. I feel sorry for the girls who dont wear glasses as it is probably worse for them!

I am hating working full time. I know I have to do this for the time being. But it sucks and I miss the kids. Which means I keep them up later so I can spend time with them. Only half an hour, not like 3 hours or anything, and they do go to bed at 7.30, but I am keeping them up nonetheless. I am sure they are enjoying the extra attention though.

Kate has just rocketed in her reading. Steve spoke to her teacher today and she has been put in the second highest reading group and is reading at level 8. I am so pleased with her and I cant believe how quickly everything is seeming to ‘click’ with her. I remember at the last parent-teacher interview, her teacher kept reminding us that she was the youngest in the class, etc, I think to make us feel better that she wasnt as good as the other kids. I am so proud of my Kate!

Thats probably enough babble for one night! LOL!
Thanks for stopping by!!! 🙂

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