Big A’s last night and of course I am very sore today.
I almost didnt go as I camr home because my spikes arrived and I wanted to grab them to test them out at athletics. Luke was all excited when I got home and fell on his bum in the cactus bowl. Lucky he was wearing a nappy but he still got a few spikes in his leg. So we race him inside and pull out the visible spikes and give him a quick shower, not really sure what we were trying to acheive with the shower, but anyway… I had some drawing ointment (thanks Kylie’s dad) so I put that on his leg and covered it with bandaids. This morning it looked good so I guess we got the spikes out and he didnt say it was sore once today.

So I was a bit bummed as I wasnt going, but then I remembered that we had javelin on and I really wanted to do that so I said to Steve that I was going. He didnt mind thank goodness.

So I get there about 7.30 for a 6pm start and all they had done was the 100m hurdles which I dont do anyway.

Now. For the exciting part. The Walk. Yup. Exciting huh?

I used to be a walker when I was at Little A’s and I was ok at it too. I havent walked for 11 years. *Gulp* I had no idea what to expect, or if I could still do it for that matter!!!

Well apparently I can still do it and I was told that I havent lost my style so I was quite pleased about that. I ended up doing 8.57mins for the 1500m walk. I have to admit though that I was very dissapointed with that time as my best time was 6.56mins but then I gave myself a mental kick up the bum and realised that hey – that is actually quite a good time, especially for being unfit, out of training and not doing it in 11 years.

Hmmm I forgot to mention that I totally wrecked my throat and sinus and cant stop sneezing and my quads were so sore afterwards that when I attempted the 200m I ran about 10metres before stopping almost in tears because of how much pain I was in.

Good news though – I got a massage when I got home! Sweet!

So results (for Linda) are as follows:
1500m walk: 8.57mins
Shot put (4kg): 5.56m
Javelin: 15.87m

We didnt do too much today. Just bummed around with the kids, which in my opinion is a great day! I tidied up my scrapping area a little. Didnt scrap anything as in a really smart move… not… I decided to load The Sims onto my computer. Talk about a time sucker.

Well thats about it from me.
Have a good one and take care! 🙂

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